UKTC VI -The joy of Stunties

Here we are again, its that time of year for one of my favourite events in the Blood Bowl Calender, UKTC in York. The UKTC event is the biggest team tournament in the UK and one of the biggest in the world, if you havent already seen the post from last year have a look […]

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Blood Bowl Hobby Bingo 2020

The New Year means new Blood Bowl goals, or do I mean touchdowns… This year I will be taking on a Blood Bowl Hobby Bingo challenge by trying to complete a range of Blood Bowl related activities before 31st December 2020. These include playing, painting, building and reading. Basically lots of Blood Bowl related activities. […]

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The Workspace, Organised Chaos

Welcome back! Today I would like to take a minute and talk about something that the majority of us as hobbyists have to consider and deal with to varying degrees depending on your level of hobbying, The Workspace. What I mean when I say ‘The Workspace’  is the area you use, whether is be a […]

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Match Inducements Card Pack Review

A winning hand? With the recent release of the Games Workshop Wood Elves, a rather under the radar item was included. Along with the now expected formula of Team, Pitch, Dice, Spike! and Team Cards, a pack of Blood Bowl Match Inducements cards appeared on the pre-order page. First revealed at Warhammer Fest in May, […]

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Spike! The Fantasy Football Journal

If you’re an avid follower of the Blood Bowl 2016 journey so far you would have noticed one of the latest gems to be released alongside each team, Spike! A ‘journal’ dedicated to that specific team overseeing everything you need to know when deciding to play them. Now the name ‘Spike’ is something more seasoned […]

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