The Longest Square #2 – Blood Bowl Newsletter

issue #2 – May 2021

The much anticipated updated Games Workshop FAQ has just dropped at the time of writing, creating much discussion over the inter-waves. And Hail Mary Pass seems to be a hot topic. We have also seen some new releases including a preview of a new star player model from Forge World in the form of Frank ‘n’ Stein. Plus a article in the latest PC Gamers magazine on Blood Bowl III and some fun crowd funded projects going live.

So be like that Goblin bombardier with Hail Mary Pass, and see where we end up… it really could be anywhere!


expected Blood Bowl FAQ for may 2021 appears

The latest Blood Bowl Errata & Designer’s Commentary document (aka FAQ) appeared on the Warhammer Community website with little fanfare. But word soon spread and this provide a number of clarifications and corrections for the current edition.

This was expected in the month of May was Games Workshop previously announced that Blood Bowl will be supported with two such documents each year, in both May and November.

Take a look via the link below. All the latest updates are highlighted in magenta (I guess red is a bit too school teacher marking I guess) and this document has plenty of areas covered.

One i made earlier

The Pitchside report for May saw the reveal of a new Star Player model by Forge World. Frank ‘n’ Stein. I hear this guy has been put together by the finest minds, in an attempt to create the perfect player. An absolute bruiser on the pitch, he may not be the most agile but that left hook looks pretty tasty…

No release date yet but he is not the quickest so give him a moment or two.

games workshop Chaos Chosen releases

May was the Chaos Chosen teams turn to have a new set of Blood Bowl dice, a re-release of the Chaos Chosen pitch, plus team cards for the Second Season Edition.

Similar to the Halfling release in April, these were only available direct from Games Workshop and not via independent stockists. A shame for our FLGS (Friendly Local Gaming Store) but hopefully future releases will be available to all.

No love for Blood Bowl at Warhammer Fest Online 2021

The 3rd to the 8th May saw a daily stream by Games Workshop to show off lots of upcoming releases for multiple game systems. Warhammer Fest 2021 could not take place again this year so an online is the next best thing.

So, with much excitement we tuned in Thursday 6th and the dedicated Boxed Games preview stream. Sadly Blood Bowl fans were left disappointed with no previews for Blood Bowl on this or any of the preview streams.

The best we saw could be argued was this rather lovely Crustation. A possible Mascot for my Middenheim Pinchers perhaps…

Dwarfs win online naf championship 2021

Congratulations to Diomlord for wining the NAF Online Championship on Blood Bowl 2. Taking place over the weekend of 15th/16th May 2021 Diomlord and his ALFEA Muratori Dwarf team could not be stopped. Going unbeaten with a record of 5/1/0 to take the title.

Check out the final standing below…

PC Gamer preview arcticle for Blood Bowl III

This article provided quite a few more details on the development of the upcoming game and the gameplay images also game more insight into the User Interface that we can expect.

Check out the article in the June 2021 issue of PC Gamer for all the details.

We also recently published an overview of what we can see from the article on some of the takeaways from this article so it you are after more details it might worth you taking a look at that…

Audio description version of the Blood bowl III Trailer

Matt Jarman (Bad Princess Productions) has created a Audio Described version of the Blood Bowl III cinematic trailer. A great effort to bring Blood Bowl to a larger audience than it might otherwise reach.

NAF in the pink

The latest NAF members gift has been shared. This year a pair of pink NAF dice and a Ball Coin will be heading out to members around the world.

charlie victor – heavy metal bases Indiegogo (Ends 10th june)

Already fully funded, this latest Indiegogo campaign from Charlie Victor is for a set of high end metal bases for your Blood Bowl team. Lots of customisation options are available to the colour of the base and also the addition of colour rings for indicating skills for your team. As always a product with a high quality finish from Charlie Victor.

Checkout the Indiegogo page below…–4?fbclid=IwAR1RMWIVyNl9_BZONlmleaB7IxjlSGhzeaDTpyUDRfdxYEbDPX1dG04Dvgg#/

StarPlayer miniatures Dark Elves (ends 31st May)

SP Miniatures proudly introduces you our Dark Elves Fantasy Football team, but this time made from resin.

Punga miniatures – Moonshine Snotlings for Fantasy Football (coming June/july)

The latest team coming from Punga Miniatures via its Patreon is the Moonshine Snotlings fantasy football team. Coming as STL files, half of the team will be released in June and the other half in July. Check out the link below.

Hungry Troll Chaos Dwarfs team (STARTING 24TH MAY)

A new STL file Chaos Dwarf Fantasy Football team from Hungry Troll & Lost Kingdom Miniatures coming soon to Kickstarter. Checkout the Campaign page below.

Little bad fantasy football players (ended)

Five small 3d printable fantasy football teams. This STL file Kickstarter may have ended but it might be worth keeping on eye on it to see if the option to purchase these at a later date for these unique sculpts.

Let them eat cake

Someone went to a lot of trouble for Justin’s Birthday… the dice roll is a bit unrealistic but some lovely blood splatter on the pitch!

Blood Bowl Podcasts Released This Month…

Podcast (link)Title | DescriptionDate
Both Down#119 – What Kind of Foo (f/Undead)28th Apr
GET THE REF! Seeing Stars1st May
Bonehead Podcast #67 – Death Zone Sponsorships1st May
The Crush Blitz Bowl Podcast Episode 29: The Social Contract 4th May
Tier Three Podcast One year older, None the wiser!!14th May
Bonehead Podcast #68 – League vs Tournament & 29 Teams in 29 Minutes15th May
Both Down #120 – Peaches (f/Wood Elf)16th May
Two Guys One Dice Cup Episode 14 – The TO’s Guide (Part 2)17th May
Anything But A OneEpisode 83 – Death Zone Two 2 – Electric Boogaloo22nd May

Hobby Highlight

An amazing Black Orc team display board from Terry Gaudet, posted in the Blood Bowl Community Facebook group…

Did we miss anything? Want something included next month? Email us on or post a comment below.

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