The Longest Square – Blood Bowl Newsletter

issue #1 – April 2021

Bit of bumper issue this month and a change to the format going forward. With Games Workshop tending to spring Blood Bowl news early in the month, the release point for our monthly news blog is moving to roughly the middle of the month. This coincides with a bit of rebrand over the next few issues. This series has never ready had much of an identity, but now the ‘The Longest Square’ monthly newsletter will bring you all the latest Blood Bowl goodness…

So the biggest news over the last month (and a bit) has seen the release of the full Black Orc and Imperial Nobility transfer sheets…! A mini version was included in the Second Season Edition box set released last year. But now the full transfers sheets are available to purchase. You even get a free team with each sheet….

We also got a few other random bits, including a new Death Zone supplement, more dice and Blood Bowl Sevens. We will get to all that…


new deathzone for BB2020

Lots of new optional rules in this new Death Zone expansion, the first for Blood Bowl Second Season Edition. Build your own Mercenaries, take Sponsorships, employ Mascots, hire new Wizards and the return of Giants.

Also included are rules for Blood Bowl Sevens. This popular variant of Blood Bowl makes a welcome return to an official Games Workshop publication. Expect to see lots of Sevens events popping up.

Black Orc & imperial nobility releases

The latest Spike! Journal, number 12 for those counting, covers both the Black Orc and Imperial Nobility teams. Also release were both teams boxed for the first time outside of the Blood Bowl Second Season Edition box set. With the usual themed dice and cards sets.

games workshop Halfling releases

March saw a new version of the Blood Bowl Halfling dice, a re-release of the Halfling pitch but with the smaller dugouts and team cards.

Strangely these were not made available to independent stockists as this turned out to be a Games Workshop direct only release. But normal service has resumed with the Death Zone release weekend products. Perhaps a victim of the Brexit/global pandemic/evil empire issues which some Games Workshop releases have faced recently.

naf championship 2021 on Blood bowl 2

The weekend of 15th/16th May 2021 will see the NAF Championships move to Blood Bowl 2. The NAF Championship, one of the NAF tabletop majors, was due to take place on this weekend in Nottingham, UK. But as this can no longer happen, organisers have moved the event to the Blood Bowl 2 PC game. A weekend of virtual tournament action. with 6 games of Swiss Resurrection Blood Bowl, all the rules can be found via the link below…

Deadline for submitting a team is Wednesday 12th May 2021, 20.00 UTC

Blitz Pit 10 Open Qualifiers

Blitz Pit on Blood Bowl 2 is back… your chance to play real virtual Blood Bowl for real gold (Dollars). Open qualifiers are taking place on the 8th and 22nd May. Find all the details via the rule set link below…

Blood Bowl III Gameplay Footage

We have gotten out first look at some actual gameplay footage for Blood Bowl III. In this Team spotlight video we have had a glimpse of the user interface for this hotly anticipated title. Expected in August 2021, hopefully we will get to see more of these teasers in the coming months.

Blood bowl 2 Servers to continue after Blood Bowl 3 release

Some good news for Blood Bowl 2 fans. The severs will be maintained after the expected release of Blood Bowl III by Cyanide in August 2021. We are not sure how long this will continue but Blood Bowl III will only release with 12 teams. it is good to hear that Blood Bowl 2 will be sticking around for the foreseeable future.

Blood Bowl III Title Music previewed

Cyanide have teased the Blood Bowl 3 title music ahead of the expected release in August 2021. For players of the original Blood Bowl game by Cyanide, it might sound quite familiar to you. I for one am a fan!

Fumbbl update to BB2020 – coming somewhen…

Christer and the team continue to work on moving Fumbbl over to the Blood Bowl 2020 ruleset. A go live date has yet to be set, with Christer advising that this is likely not be until the 2nd quarter of 2021 at the earliest. See Christer’s blog below on Fumbbl for the latest official word on the project and a bit of an insight in the challenges the team face.

EuroBowl Poland postponed indefinitely

Due to the continued worldwide situation, it has been decided that the Eurobowl planned for Poland has been postponed indefinitely. Having already been postponed from 2020, the organisers have decided that the event is no longer viable. So the next Eurobowl is now set to be staged in Malta in 2022. Full details of the announcement can be found below.

blood bowl Charity

£2,400 has been raised for charity through the sales of 10 year anniversary dice and patch by the Facebook Blood Blood Community Group. Social Media may not always be the most positive place at times, but it really can do a great deal of good when people come together for others. Great work!

in need of a sneaky peek…

The last online preview from Games Workshop which included Blood Bowl content was way back on 17th October 2020, Gridiron and Glory. Which brought us our first official look at the new Blood Bowl Second Season edition box set. Since then we have had monthly preview shows but no Blood Bowl content. Of course we have had a number of other releases including Death Zone more recently. But I think we are due some more Blood Bowl previews, maybe even a new team soon. If not, I will eat my rather large hat!

Warhammer World Blood Bowl cabinet

Warhammer World are set to host a Blood Bowl themed cabinet, to include examples of all Blood Bowl box sets. Who remembers some of these? I spy Dungeon Bowl, the dream continues….

Blood Bowl Name Generator – Realm of Plastic

Ever struggled to name your Blood Bowl team. Well the Realm of Plastic website have released a new team name generator for Blood Bowl. Currently they only have for Human, Orc and Halfling teams supported but more are planned in the future.

My favourite so far is a Halfling team, The Plum March Pie Pushers. Try to say that and not smile!

Glow in the dark dice

Some incredible glow in the dark dice from Black Ork Down. Multiple colours are available. Check them out below on Facebook…

Punga – Next Team Poll

Punga have put up a Poll for fans to decide what team they would like to see as a future Kickstarter. Submit your choice via the poll below.

Themed Dice Boxes

Some cool Blood Bowl Team themed dice boxes to keep your cubes of glory nice and safe…

BB Nameplates

KL Printing Emporium have produced a range of name plates available for your Blood Bowl teams. Star Players, player positions, and player numbers are all available. Check out the link below to view the full range.

The threatre of dreams

Vortice Miniatures have previewed some very impressive Blood Bowl stadiums coming soon. Not many details at this point but it seems they have a modular design and STL files will be available for 3D printing. Check out the Facebook page below…

New Charlie Victor Product is coming…

‘This is heavy’ – Well it certainly seem it will be. A new Blood Bowl product is coming from Charlie Victor…

Blood Bowl Podcasts Released This Month…

Podcast (link)Title | DescriptionPublished
GET THE REF!Alberta Braft1st Mar
The Crush Blitz Bowl PodcastEpisode 27: Our League Rules2nd Mar
Bonehead Podcast#63 – Optimistic Throwers ad Passing Adjustments6th Mar
Anything But a OneEpisode 81: Thrudprescussion12th Mar
Tier Three PodcastNurgle, the itch that shouldn’t be scratched15th Mar
Two Guys One Dice CupEpisode 12 – Little Green Goblin Men15th Mar
Bonehead Podcast#64 – Deathzone Speculation and Franchise Leagues!20th Mar
The Crush Blitz Bowl Podcast Episode 28: Nurgle 30h Mar
FUMBBL PodcastEpisode 44 – Jimmy Fantastic joined the crew to talk FUMBBL and BB31st Mar
Skulls & OnesEpisode 3.3: The One Where We Talk about Our First Second Season League 1st Apr
GET THE REF! Cabin Fever1st Apr
Bonehead Podcast #65 – Local League update & Is BB16 Truly Dead?! 2nd Apr
FUMBBL Podcast Episode 45 – Death Zone Speculation!11th Apr
Tier Three Podcast Sin City Chat & Waffle Stomps16th Apr
Bonehead Podcast #66 – Death Zone Review & Adjust Roster Competition17th Apr
Anything But a OneEpisode 82: In The Zone. Death Zone.17th Apr
Two Guys One Dice Cup Episode 13 – Blood Bowl Is Bad For Your Elf…21st Apr

Hobby Highlight

An amazing pitch in a box from Vini Henry, posted on the Blood Bowl Pitches, Boards and Sideline Stuff Facebook group…

Did we miss anything? Want something included next month? Email us on or post a comment below.

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