This Month In Blood Bowl – February 2021

Another packed month for Blood Bowl. Lots of big announcements, including new rules, video game updates, lots of Kickstarters and all round Blood Bowl-ie goodness.

I am also pretty sure the Warhammer Community at Games Workshop team are trolling me. Just as I am finishing up the latest monthly round-up, they seem to enjoy posting a new Blood Bowl post with more release news. So I have decided to just this article as I cannot wait for next month to give it a mention…


Seven is the magic number

So technically this came out in March, but…

The March Pitchside report on the Warhammer Community website previews a new Blood Bowl Death Zone publication. The first such expansion under the new Blood Bowl Second Season Edition ruleset.

This books seems to include new inducements including a new range of mercenary players, who can take Traits. New rules for stadiums, balls and weather but also rules for Blood Bowl Sevens…

Not many details on what rules changes might be made to this new era of a GW officially supported version of Blood Bowl Sevens. However the pitch seems to have the same dimensions of the current version, with the addition of trapdoors it seems! Plus a mention of a new Sevens specific Desperate Measures inducement. We will be watching with interest to see how the rules may have been tweaked to bring them in line with the new edition ruleset.

If you have never played or even heard of Blood Bowl Sevens, the ruleset page on the NAF website will give you an idea of the current version…

it needs more spike!

Spike! Journal 12 is on the way. This latest edition of our favourite Blood Bowl publication covers the two teams included in the Blood Bowl Second Season Edition box set, Black Orcs and Imperial Nobility. Again, no indication of when this will be released but the article promised ‘coming soon’… as is traditional with most Warhammer Community posts.

Blood Bowl III is coming… but not just yet

The much anticipated 2021 Q1 release of Blood Bowl III from Cyanide Studios has been well and truly Surfed! The release has been put back to August 2021. The developer said more time was need to fully complete and polish the game.

But they softened the blow by releasing a fun spoof advert for Bugman’s Beer to coincide with the NFL Super Bowl…

NAF Championship postponeded for another year

The NAFC, one of the four NAF Majors tabletop tournaments, has been postponed for a second year. This is due to the on going global health issues and the expected restrictions in the United Kingdom. The new dates have been confirmed as the weekend of 30th April-1st May 2022.

NAF Facebook Event Page

Fumbbl NAF Weekender

The HarpastumXI Fumbbl Weekend tournament took place in February, with coach Hellboy going 6-0-0 with Lizardmen to take the title. Congrats!

Fumbbl Tournament Page

More NAF democracy

Another NAF Election took place in February. Anthony Baez (Soldierant) has been confirmed as the NAF League Director until August 2023.

30,000 of us! 30,000 of us!

In other NAF related news, the 30,000th NAF Member registration recently took place with Annihilator77 becoming number 30000. Congrats to the NAF for this impressive milestone.

I for one am looking forward to day that NAF numbers start to be used as a ranking system at NAF tournaments, aka the Stonecutters (The Simpsons, Episode 12, Season 6)….

old box new product

With the recent release of the Star Player Skrull Halfheight, a few pictures of him started appearing on coaches hobby desks. This shows him in the pre-Blood Bowl 2020 packaging. Makes you wonder if this guy was planned for release before the new edition. Probably a change to the release schedule due to the current global issues, but we shall never know.

UKTC 2022 – Hottest ticket in town

The re-scheduled UK Team Championship is due to take place in York, on 2nd/3rd April 2022. Known for being a very popular two day international team tabletop tournament. The UK team allocation of 53 four-coach teams quickly sold out. The remaining 15 teams being reserved for international teams who could not commit to the travel at this time. A nice touch by the organisers to encourage the strong international presence at the event.

The capacity was then extended from 68 to 90 teams (360 coaches), but the extra UK team slots were all gone by the end of the day. It would seem coaches are eager to get back to rolling Skulls.

And I am pleased to confirm Team One Turn Touchdown shall once again be taking part… hopefully not another all Stunty team this time. We have all suffered enough in recent times!

Blitzpit returns on 13th/14th March

The BlizPit main event returns on 13th/14th March. Watch coaches play frenetic one minute turns on Blood Bowl 2. The winners take home part of a cash prize. Unfortunately this is not paid out in gold pieces!

Check out a main event reveal stream set for 1800UTC on 7th March on Twitch for all the details.

dice hangover

Ever woken up in the morning, following a day/night/weekend of heavy Blood Bowling and found a strange pair of dice tightly gripped in your hands…

I hope not but just in case you have, the dice section of the website by Ruediger Rickassel has reference pages for Blood Bowl related dice from all over the world*. Gifting dice is quite a common custom among Blood Bowlers. So if you ever find some dice you don’t recognise, this is a useful resource.

*Sadly no OTT dice at the moment. I will shortly rectify this glaring omission.

and the award goes to…

Black Orc Down have been running a greenskin related painting competition, the Golden Orc Awards. This month saw the winners announced with lots of amazing painted miniatures. Check out all the winners via the link below…

greebo kickstarter… just click the link already

A new Kickstarter is coming from Greebo Games. Starting on 16th March this is for a new Dwarf team, the ThunderCougarFalconBeards… what a name!

Greebo Kickstarter Page

Also, during the run up to the start of the Kickstarter, Greebo are running a Paint a Dwarf competition. Check out the details on the Greebo Facebook page.

3d printed blood bowl trophies

Some cool resin 3D printed Blood Bowl themed trophies are available from the KL Printing Emporium. Check out the website below.

Fries for the fries god

From Black Wolf Painting Studios comes a Kickstarter for a fast food themed Khrone team. Already over 50% funded at the time of writing, ending on 1st April 2021. Grab a quick bite with this one…

Cereal Killers Kickstarter Page

what do you call a thousand dwarfs at the bottom of the sea?

This months STL file release by Punga Miniatures is the Stern Bouys, a nautical themed Dwarf team. These are available via the Punga Miniatures Patreon.

Punga Miniatures Patreon Page

Blood Bowl Art

Sculptor and artist Pedro Ramos is releasing a second artbook, containing images of his artwork. You can pre-order this by contacting him directly. Check out his Facebook page below.

hmmm… upgrades

The Thornepear Valleyshockers Underworld team, made for the 2019 NAF World Cup in Dornbirn, has a new upgrade set on pre-order now. This includes the new positionals now available to the underworld team following the change to the roster with the BB 2020 release.

Tabletop-art Page

Mythbowl Studios STL file Team

Mythbowl Studios has a new team this month, the Revenants. These STL files are available via the Mythbowl Studios Patreon page.

Blood Bowl Podcasts Released This Month…

Podcast (link)Title | DescriptionPublished
GET THE REF!What’s In The Box?1st Feb
The Crush Blitz Bowl PodcastEpisode 25: Wood Elves2nd Feb
Bonehead Podcast#61 – Painting Competition Finalists, and Choosing your Team Colours!6th Feb
Anything But a OneEpisode 80: Short Story Competition12th Feb
Skulls & OnesEpisode 3.2: The One Where We Talk to Our Wives About Blood Bowl12th Feb
Three Die BlockEpisode 167 – 4.0 Black Orcs14th Feb
Tier Three PodcastDankai, Thrudball & Jay’s bad luck15th Feb
The Crush Blitz Bowl PodcastEpisode 26: Organized Play15th Feb
Two Guys One Dice CupEpisode 11 – Flat Out Like A Lizard Drinking15th Feb
Bonehead Podcast#62 – Mixed Teams in Blood Bowl 2020, and “Bash… or Dash”!20th Feb
Double SkullsSecond Season Edition: Episode 428th Feb

Hobby Highlight

Most people create a Blood Bowl Stadium, but Mika Joensuu has decided to go one better by creating a Blood Bowl town around his stadium. Posted on the Blood Bowl Pitches, Boards and Sideline Stuff Facebook page this project is shaping up nicely…

Did we miss anything? Want something included next month? Email us on or post a comment below.

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