This Month In Blood Bowl – January 2021

Bit of a quieter month this month as we start 2021 but still a few fun bits to brighten a winter evening or two in the Old World.

This edition was a little later than usual (grots in the machine). A few big announcements have come out since the end of January, but worry not we should be ready to release the next issue in early February to get you all caught up with all the Blood Bowl news. Until then check out what January brought us…


New Forge World Star Player Release

The teaser from last month has indeed been confirmed as Gretchen Wachter ‘The Blood Bowl Widow’ in this months Pitchside report. Both her and Skull Halfheight went on pre-order on 29th January.

the ‘real’ History of Blood Bowl in White Dwarf 460

Ever needed an overview of the rather murky history of Blood Bowl. Well this article tries to give a potted history of what may or may not have happened in the early days of Blood Bowl with a full article in White Dwarf 460…

Blood Bowl democracy in action

Well done to Andrea Parrella for winning the election for NAF Tournament Director.

You know the Score!

The Blood Bowl Tournament software Score has been updated to reflect the new Blood Bowl 2020 rules. Check out the below for a guide on how to use it to run your Blood Bowl tournament.…/running-a-tournament/score/

Waterbowl comes to Blood Bowl 2

One of the most popular tabletop tournaments in the UK comes to Blood Bowl 2. From 2nd February, Waterbowl begins as the third NAF sanctioned tournament on the Blood Bowl 2 PC platform. Unfortunately this event will have started by the time this is published but with it taking place over six weeks, it will be fun to see who will take home the championship.

Check out the NAF Facebook feed for the details…

But fear not, we understand that the Waterbowl tabletop tournament is still planned for later this year…

More NAF stuff on Fumbbl

The Steelbowl from SYBBL (South Yorkshire Blood Bowl League) started in January, is the latest NAF sanctioned event on Fumbbl. Check out the latest games on Fumbbl. All the details below via the link.

Chaos will once again ensue in September – Chaos Cup 2021 annouced

Chaos Cup 2021 has been announced. One of the four annual tabletop NAF ‘Majors’. This event is again scheduled to take place in Chicago on 25th/26th September 2021. Alongside this will also be a Seven’s event taking place on the Saturday evening. All the details can be found on the event Facebook page.

Hottest ticket down under – The Big V sold out in 14 hours

This 32 player Blood Bowl tournament in Ringwood, Victoria Australia sold out in just 14 hours! With most of the world having limited tabletop events it is good to see Blood Bowl is still alive and kicking, with coaches clearly eager to return to the tabletop as soon as they can.

Cheating we can all support

Blood Bowl Second Season Edition playing aides are coming thick and fast, the latest is an updated Blood Bowl Cheat Sheet. Check out the Black Orc Down Facebook page below for lots of useful and fun Blood Bowl products.

Micro Bowl

Just when you thought Blood Bowl could not get any harder, try using smaller miniatures! I am not sure how small Halflings are in 15mm scale but I might need to get my Blood Bowl glasses out…

Blood Bowl Podcasts Released This Month…

Podcast (link)Title | DescriptionPublished
GET THE REF!Five Golden Toques1st Jan
REBBL AllianceEpisode 1042nd Jan
FUMBBL Podcast#43 – NYE live special!!3rd Jan
Anything But a OneEpisode 79: 2021 At Last5th Jan
Bonehead Podcast#59 – Getting Started with Blood Bowl 2020 & Team Power Rankings!9th Jan
Tier Three PodcastNew Season, Who Dis??15th Jan
Skulls & OnesEpisode 3.1: The one where we cover our resolutions18th Jan
The Crush Blitz Bowl PodcastSecond Season Preview18th Jan
Both Down#117 – Best Friend (f/Dark Elves)21st Jan
Bonehead Podcast#60 – Blood Bowl 7s and Tournament Formats23rd Jan
Three Die BlockEpisode 166 – Building Blocks25th Jan
Two Guys One Dice CupEpisode 10 – Always Best On Black25th Jan

Hobby Highlight

Chris Daly posted this on the Blood Bowl Community Facebook page. Bath time will never be the same again…

Did we miss anything? Want something included next month? Email us on or post a comment below.

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