This Month In Blood Bowl – December 2020

December gave us more Blood Bowl presents and festive cheer that you can shake a Wraith’s leg at!

Unexpected releases from Games Workshop, an FAQ for the new Blood Bowl ruleset, some award winning Blood Bowl, and some new miniatures. Plus the latest from online Blood Bowl for Fumbbl and Blood Bowl 2.


Well these are familiar

Some unexpected releases from Games Workshop this month. With Dice, Team Card Packs and a re-release of the Skaven/Dwarf underground pitch, including the new smaller design dugouts. The new Dwarf dice have a stone affect similar to the Ogre dice. The third (yes third) set of Skaven dice from Games Workshop have a metallic brown look.

These were released just in time for Christmas on 19th December. The Dwarf Team cards seems to have been the item in short supply with retailers seeming to sell out very quickly. Who knew Dwarfs were so popular… and that Dwarfs could reach the shelf even!

A fistful of bones

The first Pitchside Report was published by Warhammer Community in December. It confirmed that the expected teaser from last month was indeed that of Skrull Halfheight. An upcoming star player miniature to be released by Forge World sometime in the future.

Another teaser image was also included in the article. Early speculation is that this is another star player, Gretchen Wachter ‘The Blood Bowl Widow’. We shall see.

FAQ Schedule from Games Workshop

The first Blood Bowl 2020 FAQ has been released by Games Workshop. We have also been given a schedule for future FAQ’s for Blood Bowl with updates being released in May and November each year going forwards.

The FAQ (Designer’s Commentary) has certainly settled some questions. Maybe created a few more but has definitely put the proverbial Squig among the Snotlings. The use of more than one Team Re-rolls in a turn being one of the big talking points. Interesting times ahead with these planned regular updates.

Blood Bowl 3 Console release date spotted

Amazon has pre-order listings for Blood Bowl 3 for PS5, PS4 Xbox and Nintendo Switch. All with a release date of 25th March 2021. With the Beta expected in early 2021 we might be all be getting a chance to play the new game with the new ruleset soon!

The Blood Bowl Video game Instagram account also published a couple of new images from the upcoming Blood Bowl III. An Orc Apothecary and a Chaos Renegades group photo, one of the teams that is missing from Blood Bowl 2.

Deck the halfing with pows, so jolly

A new Blood Bowl Charity album has been released for Christmas, Jingle Skulls by Blocker and the Linemen. Nine Christmas themed Blood Bowl songs, with all proceeds going to Charity. Check it out via the link below.…/jingle…/

NAF elections

Nominations open on Saturday 2nd January for the Tournament Director elections, closing on 10th January. NAF members can see the details on the NAF forum or on the NAF Blood Bowl Facebook page.

major Fumbbl

December saw the Fumbbl Cup Final between StanRichardson (Necromantic) vs Jokaero (Chaos Dwarf). The largest of the Fumbbl Major tournaments, always a highlight on the Fumbbl calendar.

You can watch the game back with expert commentary on Kfoged’s Twitch channel.

No more jumping Frogs in Fumbbl competitions

Christer, Mr Fumbbl himself has published an article on Fumbbl explaining his reasoning behind not allowing Slann in Competitive play on Fumbbl. Part of the coming move of Fumbbl to using the new ruleset published with the Blood Bowl Second Season Edition release. See the full article below from Christer himself.

Fluffy Blood Bowl

A new fluff magazine has been published on the NAF website, the Gridiron Gazette. Issue 1 was created by Alistair Pring/Wobert who has been looking at Humans teams in Blood Bowl.

CCL Season 37 (PC/MAC)

Champion Ladder Season 37 on Blood Bowl 2 is underway. The season ends on Wednesday 27th Jan 2021 at 5:59pm (CET). So get some games in and try to climb the ladder to glory.

comically Blood BowL

You can find a fun Blood Bowl Comic called Studded Boots by Pablo Gavan on the website. Check out the link below.

award winning blood bowl

Warhammer Community held the annual Armies on Parade online this year. An award ceremony show on Twitch saw two Blood Bowl entries taking home both 1st and 3rd in the Best of the Rest category. This category is for anything in the Games Workshop range that is not Warhammer 40,000 or Age of Sigmar.

Well done to Graham Shirley for taking 1st in the Best of the Rest category with his Halfling Team…

And Jose Pla Albiach taking 3rd place for his Blood Bowl Pitch scene.

Blood Bowl Community Facebook page 10th Anniversary

The Admins on the Blood Bowl Community (BBC) Facebook Page decided to mark the 10 year anniversary of the page by selling some BBC themed gift sets of dice and patches. With all proceeds going to charities, UNICEF and MIND.

Blood bowl league platform updated to 2020 ruleset is monthly subscription online Blood Bowl league management website. It has recently been updated with the new 2020 ruleset. A possible option for running Blood Bowl leagues.

Vortice Miniatures – Northern Kyazak Team

A new team by Vortice Miniatures is now on pre-order on the Vortice Miniatures website. Pre-orders finishes on 29th January 2021. Any orders before then will receive a marker trophy as a free gift.

Blood Bowl but not as we know it

An alternative style of Blood Bowl. The Enefel online game allows coaches to take control of single Blood Bowl players on a team or be the coach. With matches taking 1 week, players needs to cooperate with other players on the team to win.

Greebo Santa Bomballs Goblin

It may not be Christmas anymore but that just means you have plenty of time to paint this fun miniature from Greebo Games for next year.

Blood Bowl Podcasts Released This Month…

Podcast (link)Title | DescriptionPublished
GET THE REF!Block Friday Has Come1st Dec
The Crush Blitz Bowl PodcastEpisode 23: Balls!1st Dec
Double SkullsSecond Season Edition: Episode 21st Dec
SquadChaos PodcastEpisode 2: The One about Season 22nd Dec
Anything But A OneEpisode Seventy-Seven: We Have The Box5th Dec
Bonehead Podcast#57 – Unlimited Rerolls, Redrafting and Short Story Finalists!12th Dec
World Cup Report#66 – A New Direction13th Dec
Two Guys One Dice CupEpisode 9 – Blood Bowl Season 2 Electric Boogaloo14th Dec
FUMBBL Podcast#42 – New Rules, Errata and Necro give away!15th Dec
Anything But A OneEpisode Seventy-Eight: FAQ Yourself before you Wreck Yourself15th Dec
The Crush Blitz Bowl PodcastEpisode 24: The Official FAQisode17th Dec
Three Die BlockEpisode 165 – Skillz to pay the Billz20th Dec
Tier Three PodcastHow the Craigbot Stole the Christmas episode21st Dec
Skulls & OnesEpisode 2.18: The One Where We Talk to writer Ian H. McKinley22nd Dec
Both Down#116 – The Origin of Both Down a Re-Introduction, Again23rd Dec
Double SkullsSecond Season Edition: Episode 323rd Dec
Bonehead Podcast#58 – 2020 Bonehead Awards, BB Christmas Lists and Boxed Set Giveaway!24th Dec
Two Drunk FlingsXmas 20 – Two Drunk Flings Podcast25th Dec

Hobby Highlight

Check out this hobby by Paul Mundey, taken from the Blood Bowl Community Facebook page. This guys knows the score…

Did we miss anything? Want something included next month? Email us on or post a comment below.

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