This Month In Blood Bowl – November 2020

Spoilers!!! November saw the release of the Blood Bowl Second Season Edition by Games Workshop. Obviously this is the biggest news in Blood Bowl since the first Trained Troll received a passing grade from the Troll finishing school. He then promptly ate the certificate! Such news of course over shadowed most other Blood Bowl related news this month so check out the below for all the other goings on…


Blood bowl second Season edition released

Pre-order for Blood Bowl Second Season Edition box set went up on Sat 14th November, and then released on Sat 28th November. If you pre-ordered through Games Workshop direct you also got some exclusive Christmas Dugouts and a Blood Bowl III Steam code.

Shortage of Box Sets for FLGS

Some Friendly Local Gaming Stores (FLGS) reported they were only able to secure a few or perhaps one copy of the new box set from Games Workshop. Some reporting they couldn’t get any! Pre-orders for the pre-orders sold out it seems.

It has been suggested that the limited numbers could be a result of the production order being placed by Games Workshop for the new box set soon after the start of lockdown in the UK. Potentially leading to a rather conservative estimate on the number of units required.

A second wave of box sets for wide spread release is expected early 2021…

Necromantic Team plus usual bits release

Not quite for Halloween, but this rather spooky teams also were released alongside the new box set. All the expected accessories were released, with the ever popular dice, pitch, cards and Spike! #11.

Finally the release of the Treeman

After a good watering, we got the plastic Treeman from Games Workshop. Previewed way back in way back in April 2020… the march can finally begin!

Teams of Legend PDF released

Fears that the missing six teams from the Second Season Edition rulebook might be dropped from official Games Workshop support have been put to one side with the release of the new Teams of Legend PDF. Rosters for Amazon, Chaos Dwarf, High Elf, Norse, Tomb Kings and Vampire are all included.

Zolcath the Zoat release from FORGE WORLD

The beast of a new release from Forge World. The latest Star Player release this guy is a month of player on the pitch. Able to play for all the Elf teams, plus Amazons, Lizardmen and Norse.

New star player card

White Dwarf 48 included a little treat for Blood Bowl coaches. A Star Player card for a brand new Star Player, Akhorne the Squirrel. And as luck would have it, the new plastic Treeman kit includes a little plastic Squirrel.

Repackaging of existing team boxes

It seems the Blood Bowl Team boxes from Games Workshop are be going to get the 2020 treatment as we move into the Second Season Edition! Starting with Dwarf, Skaven, Chaos, Nurgle, Lizardmen and the single Ogre model. All of the boxes have been updated to use the new edition branding, similar to the below Necromantic team box.

learning the game and painting tips

The new edition means rule changes. Games Workshop have released some useful videos for an introduction to the game and how it plays. Along with some painting videos for both of the new teams in the box set.

New ruleset FAQ NEEDED

Speaking of rules, even before the release coaches around the world have been pouring over the leaked images of the rulebook. Looking for differences, weaknesses and clarity for the new rules. While many agree that several improvements have been made to how some rules are presented such as the Stunty Injury table. Other elements have coaches scratching their heads – Can you use more than one Team Re-Roll per turn? Rules as written (RAW) seem to indicate you might be able too…

Some helpful members of the community have been trying to bring all the questions together. In the hope that an FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) is soon on the way from Games Workshop to clear up some of the quirks coaches have found.

A new Blood Bowl Monthly Article Announced by warhammer community

The Pitchside Report is going to be a new monthly; Blood Bowl article from Warhammer Community. Starting in December this is to include… insights on the beautiful game, previews of upcoming models, free extras, and much more

Alongside this announcement was a teaser for the future… we are not 100% sure but this looks very much like it could be a model for Skrull Halfheight, an Undead Dwarf star player… you decide!

NAF Tournament changes from Jan 2021

Slann and Daemons of Khorne are in but the Bretonnians are out!

The NAF have published initial rosters using the new edition ruleset for Slann and Khorne teams. These can then be used in stanchioned NAF events from January 2021.

In addition, Blood Bowl 2016 / CRP rules will still be supported along side the new ruleset for the foreseeable future. See the link below for all the details.

NAF looking at updating Blood Bowl Variants rules

In a recent Facebook post on the future of NAF events, the NAF confirmed updates to other Blood Bowl variants are being considered, but a timeline for this is not set.

Hopefully we will see Dungeon Bowl and Sevens rules in the not too distant future.

Unofficial Blood Bowl Season 2 Tracker App

Christian has started work on an Unofficial Blood Bowl Season Tracker mobile phone app. It is early days in the development but you can sing up to be part of the beta testing via the link below.

BB3 Instagram Account

Some new teams images have been released on new Instagram channel from the Blood Bowl Video Game for the upcoming Blood Bowl III game due to release in early 2021.

White dwarf match Report next month

White Dwarf 459 will include a Blood Bowl Match Report. Looks like the new Blood Bowl rules writer Jay Clare is involved so will be interesting to hear his thoughts on the game and the new ruleset.

Chase the Majors – charity fundraising

A fundraising initiative has been started for Blood Bowl coaches and anyone else for that matter to try and cover the distance between the venues of the 5 NAF Major tournaments (25,711 km/15,977 miles). All proceeds go to Unicef.

Participants can; run/virtual run- walk/hike, handcycling, wheelchair exercise, cycling/virtual cycling, swimming.

Check out the links below for how to get involved

GW Official Blood Bowl Clothing…

New Blood Bowl merchandise has been released to coincide with the new edition release. T-shits, hoodies and posters. Hopefully we will see the range expanded and we see some of those classic team t-shirts return.

Blood Bowl weather tokens

A range of tokens from Art of War Studios, useful to indicate the current weather at the game. Although you could just pop your head out of the dugout to check of course…

Sideline decorations

Some nice sideline decorations to add to your Blood Bowl Stadium with lots of nice detail from Tabletop Art. Check out the options via the link below.

what a load of s***

When your stadium has everything else, why not add this luxury outhouse to cater for the needs of your fans and players. Although best of luck trying to convince a troll to use it…

every 1 is really a gift

Not only will festive music be played everywhere. Your Cabalvision will be nothing but images of a jolly fat man in a red suit. And every bit of free space in your cave will be filled with flashing lights, Christmas has come to Blood Bowl. Check out Black Orc Down for how to get even more into the festive spirit. Check out those present dice!!!

I still have my blitz, right!?

A fun way to keep track of what actions you have taken on your turns. An STL for a Blood Bowl Action tracker has been made available. Tokens for a Blitz, Hand-off, Throw, Foul and turn marker. A printed version is also available for those without a 3-D printer.

live is a game

James Hewitt (of Blitz Bowl and BB2016 fame) from Needy Cat Games has created an RPG based in the Fantasy Football settings. All based in a dungeon of course.

More blood bowl noise

A new Podcast has started, The Squadchaos Podcast. Brought to you by the members of SquadChaos check it out via the link below.

Blood Bowl Podcasts Released This Month…

Podcast (link)Title | DescriptionPublished
GET THE REF!Fires of Anticipation1st Nov
Tier Three PodcastUncle Fester’s Sweaty Bulb Socket1st Nov
Skulls & OnesEpisode 2.16: The One Where We Talk About BB2020 Rules Part 31st Nov
Skulls & OnesEpisode 2.17: The One Where We Talk About Chaos Cup 20209th Nov
Three Die BlockQuest for the FUMBBL Critical Hit Cup: Season 2 Championship9th Nov
Both Down#114 – Blood Bowl Season 2 Box Review BB 202014th Nov
Double SkullsSecond Season Edition: Episode 114th Nov
Bonehead Podcast#55 – MegaBowl Review and Prayers to Nuffle Table15th Nov
SquadChaos PodcastEpisode 1: The Inaugral One15th Nov
Two Guys One Dice CupEpisode 8 – The TO’s Guide (Part 1)16th Nov
The Crush Blitz Bowl PodcastEpisode 22: Out Favourite Models17th Nov
Both Down#115 – Blood Bowl Spike Magazine 1117th Nov
Anything But A OneEpisode 76: Teams of Legends Know No Fear20th Nov
FUMBBL Podcast#41 – And we are back!!!25th Nov
Three Die Block#163: Poppa’s Got a Brand new game25th Nov
Bonehead Podcast#55 – Teams of Legend and Jim & Bob’s Guide to Leagues28th Nov

Hobby Highlight


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