Blood Bowl Second Season Edition – A new era begins…

So the answer is Saturday 14th November 2020 for pre-orders…

Finally we have an answer for the big question over recent months. When is the next edition of Blood Bowl coming?

After the first rumours of a new ‘paper’ release of Blood Bowl appeared back in May 2019. Then a series of leaked images of a new Blood Bowl rulebook in August this year… Blood Bowl Second Season Edition is about to drop on pre-order.

So in case you have been under a rock somewhere (thrown rocks are shortly to be removed from the game so this should be less of an issue in the future), Saturday 14th November is the magic day for pre-orders!

So what can you expect from this new box set?

Well quite a lot actually…

  • Two brand new teams* – Imperial Nobility & Black Orcs
  • Two big guys – Ogre & Troll
  • Two star players* – Griff Oberwald & Varag Ghoul-chewer
  • Two two referees* – A Dwarf & Elf
  • Pitch with 2 Dugouts*
  • Red Blood Bowl Dice set
  • Green Blood Bowl Dice set*
  • Hardback rulebook

*Box exclusive at the time of release

The box set includes 30 miniatures making it the largest box set released for Blood Bowl by Games Workshop by some way. The inclusion of the two big guys is a nice bonus as are the two star players. Both in plastic when all previous star players have been in resin from Forge World.

The box set is £85 / US$140 / €105 from Games Workshop direct. In terms of value it is a great deal if you want all of the contents over buying the contents individually. We don’t have prices for all of the contents but if we look at the prices that we do know…

ItemCost direct from GW
Team Box (Bögenhafen Barons)£26
Team Box (Thundervalley Greenskins)£26
Blood Bowl Pitch£28
Blood Bowl Rulebook£30
Ogre Big Guy£16
Troll Big Guy£18
Blood Bowl Dice Set (Red)£9
Blood Bowl Dice Set (Green)£9

Add the two star player miniatures, and the referee models and this box set is well over a 50% saving on purchasing the contents individually.

New box set availability

It will probably be no surprise that this box is proving to be extremely popular. So much so that some 3rd party retailers have reported not being able to get hold of any for pre-orders. Others have only be able to get hold of only one copy. GW have even reduced the number anyone can buy direct from them to one.

So if you want to secure a copy of the box set I recommend you are ready to make your purchase at 10am (your local time) from your local game store or Games Workshop.

Games Workshop pre-order goodies

To sweeten the deal, Games Workshop are offering a pair of Christmas themed Dugouts for each box set pre-order made direct with them. As if fancy bits of cardboard would possibly sway the discerning Blood Bowl coach…

Plus a Steam key for the closed beta of Blood Bowl III as soon as it goes in early 2021…

A new Teams of Legend document

The new rulebook includes rosters for 21 teams, which represent the team that Games Workshop have Blood Bowl specific miniatures for. Conspicuous by their absence were 6 teams which have been active rosters in BB 2016.

But thankfully Games Workshop have now published a new Teams of Legend PDF which includes roster for each of the missing teams.

This include rosters for Amazons, Chaos Dwarfs, High Elf, Norse, Tomb Kings and Vampire teams.

A slight blip on the day of publication saw an incorrect version of this being made public for a short time. But this was soon replaced with the correct document.

Other Blood Bowl releases this weekend

Necromantic Horrors

Also up for pre-order on Saturday is the new Necromantic Horror boxed team, the Wolfenburg Crypt-Stealers. 

Along with the usual team themed pitch, dice, team cards and Spike! Journal (#11).

Zolcath the Zoat Star Player from Forge World

First introduced to us in the Wood Elves Spike (#06), Zolcath with be up for pre-order from Forge World on Saturday 12th November. Under the new ruleset he looks set to be able to play for Amazons, Lizardmen, and all the Elf teams. And what a miniature…

Blood Bowl Treeman

Something is about to happen… the Treeman is going up for pre-order on Saturday 12th November. Plus the kits includes a star player, more on this in a bit…

First previewed by Games Workshop in an online Twitch preview in April 2020, the Treeman is slowly walking his way onto pitches around the world.

White Dwarf 458 – November Issue

Normally White Dwarf has very limited Blood Bowl content, but issue 458 is a bit different. Usually an issue around the holiday season will include a free gift or two and this year is no different. We can look forward to set of cards for various Games Workshop gaming system, but hidden up in the canopy is a new star player for Blood Bowl…

I present to you Akhorne the Squirrel

We cannot quite see all of the details for this new star player but it looks like he will be able to play for any team… and the model comes with the Treeman kit (kind of)!

New edition Special Play Cards

A new set of Special Play cards for the new edition. No indication yet if the special play cards released to date are still valid or not. Most would seem to be compatible but we will have to see what the official word it.

The new set will also include cards relating to the new Prayers to Nuffle table. This could just be a quick reference card with the table, or perhaps a reminder card for each result that is in affect. We will know very soon.

Blood Bowl Fiction

Finally, two Blood Bowl books are included in the pre-order…

Would you like to know more…

The Warhammer Community team have released a number of articles over the last few weeks in the build up to the release of the box set. So if you want to see what all the fuss is about and get an idea of what Blood Bowl has to offer check out the articles below.

Playtester thoughts on the new edition

Games Workshop staff Blood bowl team showcase

The History of Blood Bowl

Release Day Giveaways

Full Pre-order release list

Designer notes on the new edition

Black Orc Team Preview

Imperial Nobility Team Preview

Necromantic Horror Team Preview

So Saturday is a Treeman-sized release for Blood Bowl. If you think the changes will be good or bad for your team or your hobby, none of us really know how this will go. But it is going to be a lot of fun finding out…

Final thought, you cannot spell Akhorne without KHORNE… Acorns for the Acorn god!

What are your thoughts on the new edition? Will you be picking up a copy? Let us know in the comments or email us on

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