This Month In Blood Bowl – October 2020

Welcome to the October issue of This Month In Blood Bowl blog. The main big news is that the Blood Bowl Second Season Edition release from Games Workshop has been confirmed for November, so not too long to wait. The World continues to struggle with the current pandemic but his has not stopped Blood Bowlers from enjoying the game however they can.

Lots going on this month so lets get going…


Games Workshop Preview – Gridiron and Glory

Games Workshop held another live preview via Twitch on 17th October. Normally these are full of space giants and god like creatures. But this one was dedicated to some of the other boxed games including Blood Bowl. The upcoming Blood Bowl Second Season Edition was again shown, with the presenters both having a copy (lucky them).

But we did get our first look at the two referee models which will be included in box set but far more importantly the we now know it is coming in November!!!

Spooky-duper – Necromantic confirmed for november

Not quite in time for Halloween, but it seems the Necromantic team will be released alongside the Blood Bowl Second Season Edition. We have already seen the team but the Spike! Journal cover (#11 for those still counting) was shown during the Games Workshop Twitch preview show…

Blood Bowl III Video Game Sneak peak

The team behind the new Blood Bowl Video Game has teased a few details that gamers can expect in the edition of this popular game. Player customisation seems to have been a focus for the developers and artists working on the project with some released this month.

Some more team models were also shown with a look at Chaos Renegades and the Old World Alliance. changes… has had a bit of facelift with new background, new wallpaper images to download and maybe the odd glimpse into the future…

Could these be Frank N Stein, Bryce ‘The Slice’ Cambuel and Wilhelm ‘The Wolf-Man’ Chaney…?

up and under blood bowl fiction

The Up and Under Blood Bowl fiction is available on the excellent Blood Bowl Strategies website. Written by Ian H McKinley, this weekly Blood Bowl fiction has reached 29 episodes, accompanied by some excellent artwork by Meunier. Go give it a read… was gone but is back up again… kind of!

The TalkFantasyFootball website, a source for Blood Bowl content and Tournament news was briefly down in October. At the time of writing this has been partially restored. Hopefully this will be back to its former glory and old skool charm soon.

Blood Bowl teams on parade

Games Workshop have opened up the Armies on Parade hobby competition to include Blood Bowl submissions. Any budding hobbyist can take part by sending Games Workshop photos before the deadline of Sunday 29th November…

kickstarter – Three teams by hogs of war

With only a few days to go at the time of writing, be sure to jump on this Kickstarter for Human, Alliance and Royalty teams. Ending 7th November 2020.

A wooden pitch comes to blood bowl

Kraken 3D Studios have released a new STL file bundle for a new Wooden Blood Bowl pitch. They also provide a range of stadium, and side line decorations for your Blood Bowl teams home pitch.

Art is Blood bowl

Some fun Blood Bowl art prints by King Monday available on Etsy.

jumping on the… pump wagon

Vortice miniuaures have previewed a couple of new Pump Wagons… coming soon

kickstarter – 3D Blood Bowl Dugouts by 13 bad luck

Some 3D Blood Bowl Dugout STL files coming to Kickstarter in November 2020…

kickstarter – player nameplates

Names for your Blood Bowl players. Kickstarter ends on 11th November 2020.

Blood Bowl Podcasts Released This Month…

Podcast (link)Title | DescriptionPublished
GET THE REF!Prayers to Nuffle2nd Oct
Bonehead Podcast#52 – Star Players in Blood Bowl 2020 & MegaBowl Update5th Oct
The Crush Blitz Bowl PodcastEpisode 19: Being a Hobby Veteran6th Oct
Two Guys One Dice CupEpisode 7 – The Captain’s Table (Scotland)13th Oct
Skulls & OnesEpisdoe 2.15: The one where we talk about BB2020 Rules: Part 213th Oct
Tier Three PodcastNew Edition Discussion Part2: The Free DLC16th Oct
Bonehead Podcast#53 – Turbo Leagues and Blood Bowl 2020 Wishlists!17th Oct
Anything But A OneEpisode 75: BB2020 Box Set/Trollslayer19th Oct
The Crush Blitz Bowl PodcastEpisode 20: Season 2 (Part I)20th Oct
Three Die Block#163: Tournamenting a phrase25th Oct
The Crush Blitz Bowl PodcastEpisode 20: Season 2 (Part II)26th Oct
Both Down#113 – Go Crazy27th Oct
Bonehead Podcast#54 – Black Orcs & Blood Bowl 2020 Roundtable31st Oct

Hobby Highlight

Not exactly hobby but this looks too much fun! Mike McMahon showing the Blood Bowl Community Facebook Group what can be achieved with a projector and a bit of imagination…

If you want something added in next month’s round up email us on or post a comment below.

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