This Month in Blood Bowl – August 2020

And I thought last month was jam-packed with news, but August seems to be even bigger. Not only have we had the confirmation of new teams from Games Workshop in the upcoming BB Second Season, and the Snotling GW team release. But also a trailer for the new Blood Bowl III video game, a second season of Blitz Bowl, Fumbbl and BB2 tournaments, updates regarding the NAF rules review, more Kickstarters and a Snotling Swarm of Podcasts.  It seems the world has gone all Blood Bowl…

New team previews for Blood Bowl Second Season from Games Workshop

The two new teams which are coming with the upcoming new box set release have been previewed by Games Workshop. New plastic sculpts are also coming for Varag Ghoul-chewer and Griff Oberwald.

Also previewed was the new Necromantic team with a very definite Halloween feel.

New Official Blood Bowl Logo

The official Games Workshop Blood Bowl Facebook page has also had a bit of a makeover with the new branding of the Second Season release with an updated logo. Everyone loves a new logo…  


The Worst Team Ever?

The 29th August saw the new Snotling team released by Games Workshop. The usual formula of the team, themed, dice, pitch, Cards and Spike! Journal #10. With the new ruleset due to be released later this year, some of the shine has been taken off of the release. With many coaches questioning the usefulness of the Team Card Pack and the Spike! With the expected rules changes later this year. But this teams seems to be popular with Blood Bowlers and hobbyist alike.

Blood Bowl III is coming… expected early 2021

Officially announced at Gamescon 2020, Blood Bowl 3 has finally been confirmed and is coming in early 2021. This was originally announced and then quickly taken down from a Twitter post by Big Ben back in… Containing 12 teams in the base game, the new version will be using the ruleset from the upcoming Blood Bowl Second Season being released by Games Workshop later this year. It is expected to be available on PS4/PS5, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch.

A Second Blitz… Bowl Season

Set for release on 21st September 2020

First revealed at the New York Toy Fair in February 2020, it seems Blitz Bowl Season 2 just around the corner. Games Workshop have announced that this will soon be available, with an expected release date on or around the 21st September 2020. Again it seems this will follow the similar limited release as the original Blitz Bowl, with the game only being sold in the USA, Canada and Germany.  A few preview copies have been seen floating around and reviews are starting to come out. The Games Workshop Blood Bowl website had been updated with new pictures of what is in the box.

Snotlings are Ok with us, says NAF

nafshield Snotling team will be sanctioned for NAF tournament play from 5th September 2020. They might be thought of as the worst team in the game, but it will be interesting to see how they do in a tournament setting.

NAF Annual Rules Review Delayed due to Blood Bowl Second Season Announcement

Within days of announcing that the annual rules review was about to start, the NAF had to quickly change course. The leaks of the upcoming Second Season from Games Workshop meant that the NAF have now put the rules review on hold until after the new ruleset has been officially released later this year.

The return of the NAF Majors

ChaosCup2020 The Blood Bowl Tabletop Majors is set to return on 19th/20th September with the Chaos Cup in Chicago, USA. This will be the first Major since the Coronavirus outbreak and is a hopeful sign that things are starting to return to normal. A Sevens warm-up event is to be held on the Friday and then the Cup proper on Saturday and Sunday.

Blood Bowl 2 on PC gets NAF’d

WelshChampBB2_NAF At the time of writing, the Welsh Blood Bowl Championship continues online using the Blood Bowl II on PC. With 114 coaches registering to take part, this first NAF tournament using the Blood Bowl II online game seems to be a great success. You can follow details of the tournament via the NAF discord.

NAF Discord –

Cabalvision Champion Ladder – Champions Cup 33 Final on Blood Bowl II (PC) 

Following the Cabalvision Champion Ladder season 33, the Champion Cup knockout competition has come to a conclusion this month, with the Final taking place on Sunday 30th August. This saw Mr Light and his Chaos Dwarf team, the [A$]sassin Nation taking the title with a 2-1 overtime victory over Mankiz and his Chaos team, the Students. Season 35 of the Cabalvision Champion Ladder (CCL) has just started and ends on 21st October 2020. See the below link for details or join the official Discord.

Discord –


A useful resource for viewing Champions Cup playoff games is the BB E-Sport Association website. This lists links to streams of all of the games on Twitch so you can watch all of the action.

Show Me the Gold Pieces

Do you want to play Blood Bowl for money? Well it seems you can with the Blitz Pit tournament on Blood Bowl II on the PC. bplong One minute turns, this is a fast paced Blood Bowl resurrection tournament. You have two chances at qualifying with events running on both the 19th September and then the 3rd October. Sign ups for the 1st Qualifier are due by 8th September.  Below is a link to the full rulespack and the Discord channel.

Rulespack –

Discord –

A double header of NAF Tournaments on Fumbbl

Two more NAF tournaments took place on Fumbbl this month, and it was a double header weekend, with a tournaments at the Virtual UK Games Expo and Vodka Bowl on the 22nd/23rd August.

Fumbbl changes coming with the new edition

With the upcoming new ruleset from games Workshop, discussions around the world on how the leaked rule changes may affect how Blood Bowl will be played. This extends to Fumbbl where discussions have already started on how Fumbbl will react. Below is a link to a blog written by Fumbbl’s current custodian, Christer and his thoughts on the likely changes that are coming.

OBBLM Future in Doubt

OBBLM With the new Blood Bowl edition expected to bring widespread changes to the game. The OBBLM (Online Blood Bowl League Manager) website appears it will soon be out of date. This very useful and well supported platform has been used by leagues around the world to handle the administration of Blood Bowl leagues for many years. I use it myself. Discussions regarding creating a replacement for OBBLM have started within the community and those heading this project have asked for some feedback on what Blood Bowl coaches would want to see in a new online Blood Bowl league management website.

Submit your feedback here:

New Kickstarters

FITE Games Amazon Team – Bremusa’s Blitz; Amazon Angels

FITEGames_KS Coming to Kickstarter on 25th September a new Amazonian themed team from FITE Games. Based in Aberdeen, Scotland FITE games started in 2016 and have already completed two successful Kickstarters. This looks set to be another success.

What is a sporting event without fans…

We are getting used to not having fans at sporting events around the world with the current pandemic. And Blood Bowl fans tend to be more of a figment of your imagination when playing on the tabletop. But not for much longer with Fanath putting together a set of STL files to recreate the eclectic mix that makes up a Blood Bowl crowd. The Kickstarter has just gone live…

Akaro Dice Blood Bowl Facemask

AkaroDice_FM Personalised facemasks are available from Akaro dice. Might be an option if you want to show your Blood Bowl love while out and about.

Charlie Victor Products

Coming off the hugely successful Fantasy Football Human token campaign, Charlie Victor are looking to produce a new set of injury dice compatible with the upcoming ruleset changes later this year. Expect to see more information about this in the coming months.

Hobby Highlight

This month’s hobby highlight is not a team or player but an incredible but of fast food by Giuseppe Chiafele. This amazing looking McMurty’s food stall would look great next to any Blood Bowl stadium. Not sure about the food hygiene standards though...


Trophy Cabinet

This month saw Bane Bowl 2020 take place in Cheltenham in the UK. Up for grabs were these fun handmade trophies. Not quite sure how Bane from Batman quite fits into Blood Bowl but I am sure he would have been quite a player.


If you want something added in next month’s round up email us on or post a comment below.

OTT: 0 – But I did successfully throw a Goblin on Blood Bowl 2! It was of absolutely no benefit in the game but it worked.

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