Painting Undergobos for the UKTC – Part 2

This is the second part of my painting journey to the UKTC 2020, as I get my Undergobo team ready as part of the OneTurnTouchdown team.

Hobby Days Remaining: 0

Scroll to the foot of the post to start from Day 9…

UKTC – Made it…

So the Looney Tin Tavern BBFC made it to the UKTC and tried there very best. Unfortunately it was not a great performance. I finished 231st out of 272 with a record of 2-0-4. But all six games were great fun playing against some great opponents from around Europe.


As a team, One Turn Touchdown came 50th out of 68 with a record of 1-3-2. Not bad for an all Stunty team. The only other all Stunty team came 68th. So I think we can claim the Team Stunty unofficial honours for UKTC 2020.

My team may not have been looking it’s best but I really enjoyed the event. The social side is a big part of this tournament. It was the largest event I have ever attended and I got to see a lot of familiar and also vaguely familiar (haven’t I played you before) faces throughout the weekend.

Overall the project was a success as I played the team in York. Despite the fact that the level of painting was far below where I wanted it to be. But there is always next year…

Day 27 – All good things…

1am came and went with lots still to do so I decided to bring this Snotling Scrum to a end!

May I present to you the Looney Tin Tavern BBFC


A real ragtag bunch of misfits if ever there were. Not quite sure how the different uniforms and bases work in real life. I like to think that the team is make up of two 5-a-side teams who have come together for the tournament. Morg ‘N’ Thorg and Skitter Stab Stab are star players so no one tells them what to wear. Makes sense in my head anyway…

Morg was fun to paint. Still lots more work needed but painting a larger model brings a different challenge. You need more paint for one thing!


Catching the Christmas Nurgle Flu really held this project back. I simply ran out of time! Looking at the completed Goblins, Morg and Troll does make me wonder what the full team might have looked like, but it was not to be. I am far from happy with the result but at least I have a team to play with which was the ultimate goal.

Now onto York where the real fun begins! I will put up a short post-tournament entry next week. Hopefully I manage to win a game…

Day 20-26 – Open Days and Painting Days…

Well last weekend was taken up with the Warhammer World Open Day and then family commitments. But I did manage to get some painting done, just not a Goblin unfortunately…


The Warhammer World Open Day is a great experience. I have been the last few years and it is well worth the visit. The exhibition alone is worth the ticket price but a chance to see up an coming releases and talking to game designers is great fun. Managed to quickly paint this Chaos Warrior, a bit of speed painting practice I guess.

Not much new Blood Bowl on show expect for the new Gloriel Summerbloom which great in person.


Also noticed this really cool Blood Bowl template in one of the display cabinets. I assume this made by one of the members of staff. Always lots of fun things on display for some hobby inspiration.


However all has not been lost recently. Over the last two days I have managed to batch paint three goblins and then the troll. This just leaves Morg ‘N’ Thorg on the last hobby day.



If I have a bit of spare time I will try to add a few details to the Troll. I like the way the purple came out but he needs some highlights to really bring out the details.

One day to go…

Day 10-19 – Best laid plans…

So first of all,  my apologies for the lack of progress and updates on the blog over the Holiday period but much to my frustration nothing has been happening anyway.

The Christmas holiday is in part a time for both giving and receiving gifts. Well what a gift I got this year. The dreaded Christmas Bug of 2019! This has laid me low for over a week and I am still recovering now.

As a result, I got absolutely zero hobby, painting or any kind of productivity out of my Nurgle infested carcass over the holiday period.

Being only now really able to get back onto the hobby horse does present quite a problem as my lovingly created schedule is now utterly meaningless. I should be working on Goblin #7, with both the Troll and Morg complete. Instead I am still on Goblin #2! Suffice it to say that not enough time remains before the start of the UKTC to get this team complete as planned. So it is time to trim that Christmas Hobby Fat and look at what I absolutely must do to get a painted team on the tabletop for 9:30am on 11th January in York.

Looking at the schedule I had 13 hours listed from now (3rd January) until the start of the UKTC. This is still the case but is not much time to paint a team. Maybe I need to cut some corners…

Well, firstly I still want to paint the Troll and Morg. Both will be useful for future tournaments. I have a painted Skaven Gutter Runner to proxy as Skitter which I have done in the past. This leaves me with the eight and a bit Goblins to paint. I do have about five or six mostly painted Goblins from one of my first Blood Bowl teams when I returned with the 2016. I put together a Underworld team and could use the Goblins from that. The uniforms will be different but I don’t have much choice.

So the Troll, Morg and about four Goblins to paint then!

6 hours for both the Troll and Morg will give me 7 hours for the Goblins(x4) and basing.

Another busy weekend on the road for the Warhammer World Open Day in Nottingham but a few opportunities for some Goblin speed painting hopefully…

Day 9 – No time for Turkey…

No painting again today. Busy with the Christmas preparations but managed to pick out the skin colours for the armoured troll. I decided to go for purple to make a bit of a change. My other troll is red but only partly painted.


I also had a play with some new Art of War Studio tokens I received recently. They suggest using crayons to colour the recessed areas. It took a bit of time but I think it has come out quite well. It seems keeping those crayons all these years has finally paid off. If only I had keep all of the that old Blood Bowl stuff and not the crayons, oh well!


Looking at the schedule I am now 3 and bit Goblins behind where I need to be. It is going to be a busy Christmas…


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