Painting Undergobos for the UKTC – Part 1

This is the first part of my painting journey to the UKTC 2020, as I get my Undergobo team ready as part of the OneTurnTouchdown team.

Link to Part 2… Painting Undergobos for the UKTC – Part 2

Hobby Days Remaining: 18

Scroll to the foot of the post to start from Day 1…

Day 6, 7 & 8 – Holiday distractions…

So the planned weekend hobby did not materialise. A mix of travelling, family commitments, and just enjoying myself meant that I got zero hobby time over the weekend.

It looks like the period just after Christmas is going to be make or break to get the remaining 12 miniatures painted. I may end up with a team of just Goblins at this rate.

Day 5 – Packing for the weekend…

And the Goblins are finally basecoated…


It is really a bit too cold for spraying outside, but without an suitable area indoors I have little choice at the moment. I have found that a quick pass with the spray can outside and then a blast with a hairdryer inside seems to work. Repeat this 3-4 times to get an even and smooth coverage over the miniature.

I am away this weekend so packed a little hobby box to get a Goblin or two done!


Day 4 – Painting something…

Again, rain prevented me from spraying my team with the grey basecoat outside. But I couldn’t keep delaying so I decided to basecoat Golbin #2 with a couple of layers of Standard Mechanicus Grey and get painting.

I blocked in the main colours, added a bit of spot shading with Agrax Earthshade and then started on the highlighting. Some blending of the skin seemed to work out ok. This is something that is quite new so still trying to find a method I am happy with. I followed this with a wash of Biel-Tan Green but this has resulted in a very shinny looking Goblin. A matt varnish should dull this but think I will need to calm this down a bit in a few areas.


As I want to complete the bases separately, I need to mount the Goblins on something to paint them. Holding them directly with my paint covered hands is not ideal. I have recently started putting miniatures on old bits of sprue. A little bit of super glue and you have a simple painting handle. These can easily be snapped off and cleaned up.


Looking at my schedule I should be starting Goblin #3 tomorrow (Day 5). With only some highlighting and a bit of tidying up left to do on Goblin #2, I seem to be on track so far.


Day 3 – Xmas party

The OTT Xmas party meant that I did not make any progress on the team. A couple of days of hobbying required to get back on track…


Day 2 – Little progress

With only limited time in the schedule following a hard fought 2-1 victory in a league game I expected to only have around 30 minutes today. So I had planned on basecoating the team using the Citadel Standard Mechanicus Grey spray. But pouring rain (I rolled an 11 it seems) put an end to this idea. However it turned out that another planned league game in the coming days had to be postponed. This should more than make up for the lost time.

One small win of the day was that I found my test Goblin colour scheme on the Citadel Colour paint app. Only the two main colours of orange and grey but it helps…

Screenshot_20191217-160851_Citadel Colour


Day 1 – Building…

The first day saw five Goblins and the Forge World Troll built. Having put a few different Forge World kits together I have to say the Blood Bowl Armoured Troll was probably the easiest. All the parts seemed to fit nicely together, with only a small amount of flash to remove (for a resin kit). This was a nice change as I have had some painful experiences in the past. A miscast Rat Ogre springs to mind!

I also cleaned up the metal Skaven Gutter Runner I will use as Skitter Stab Stab. It has been a while since I have prepped a metal miniature, but snipping off those little strands of metal brought back memories of when I first got into the hobby. Not something I particularly miss to be honest as I prefer the more modern plastics. I just find it easier to put together plastics and the sculpts are generally much improved.

With a Goblin being the first miniature on the painting schedule, I brought together the paints and sprays that I think I will need. I couldn’t remember the exact colour scheme I used on my test Goblin (OTT TIP: Write down your colour schemes somewhere!), so I just went with what I think will work best.


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