Painting My Way to the UKTC

Hobby Days Remaining: 26

A beginning…

The UK Team Challenge VI (UKTC) starts in just under a month. It may not seem to be a great idea to start painting a new team for the tournament now. And going by previous experience of late night/early morning cram painting sessions, I would agree. But there’s nothing quite like a deadline to get those creative cogs turning…

For the UKTC this year I have the dubious honour of being Captain of team OneTurnTouchdown. The team consist of fellow blogger Tom, Sam, Ewen and myself. This is great two day event with quite a social scene. So unsurprisingly, the team has remained unchanged from last year with this being a very popular event every year.

For those of you who have not heard of the UKTC, it is a two day Blood Bowl team tournament taking place in York, UK. Each team consists of four coaches, each taking a different race.

OTTBlog_UKTC Painting_UKTC Room

For some reason (lost in the murky recollection of one drunken evening) we have decided to go with an all Stunty lineup. However this does cause a slight issue as all four coaches cannot play traditional Stunty teams. Yours truly drew the short straw and so I am taking the unofficial non-stunty Stunty team. The options are either Lizrdmen (No Saurus) or Underworld Denzians (No-Skaven). I already have the miniatures for Underworld and you get lots of those lovely Mutation skills, so why not.

So I just need to build and paint a Throttle of Goblins (collective noun for Goblins anyone?), a Troll and a few star players for the team in less than a month. Easy…

So what do I need to paint?

Well usually with Underworld Denzians you can take up to 6 Skaven players, and you most certainly should in my opinion. But to keep with the Stunty theme, the unofficial Stunty version allows only 0-16 Goblins and a Troll. After looking at a few different builds, I have settled on the following roster.

OTTBlog_UKTC UW Roster

Star Players for this team are going to have to do quite a bit of work to make up for the lack of positionals. I wanted to fit Morg ‘N’ Thorg into the team because… well he is Morg! And you dont get too much chance to use him due to his high cost. Skitter will be the ball carrier on offence and then a safety in defence. Bringing a bit of much needed ball handling talent to the team. Only one re-roll is not ideal but with dodging Goblins and loner on the Stars I will be riding my luck anyway.


In terms of miniatures, I will be using the Games Workshop 2017 plastic Goblins. The Forge World Morg ‘N’ Thorg and the Armoured Troll. I prefer the newer Forge World Troll over the plastic one and getting him painted up to for future use on other teams is a definite benefit of the project. I do not have a Skitter Stab Stab model. I could have used a Gutter Runner from my Skaven team. Something I have done in the past but I wanted to make him a bit more unique. So I recently ordered an old Warhammer Fantasy metal Skaven Gutter Runner miniature from eBay. He has a small dagger and a punch dagger which covers the whole stab stab thing.

OTTBlog_UKTC Painting_Miniatures

As you can see a few bits have already been done from previous projects which didn’t get completed. I built Morg a few months ago for another tournament (but didn’t use), and the Goblins were the start of my Goblin team (coming 2021… maybe!).

So with a bit of a head start in terms of building I might just be able to get this project over the line.

The Plan

In the past I have batch painted teams but I personally find this quite a struggle in terms of motivation. Painting the same part of the same miniature four times in a row can get quite repetitive. I much prefer a bit of variety when painting to keep my interest. A recent painting project to create a Traitor Horus Heresy Kill Team, I found that painting one miniature at a time much more rewarding. Granted, each of those models had a different scheme but still I found completing each model gave a short term boost to my overall enjoyment of painting.


Now with work, family and the various other activities planned including Christmas. My time before the UKTC is less than infinite to say the least. I have estimated how much time I will have each day for hobby. Taking into account the everyday chores, work and life in general. Not much time to spare! I may regret the decision to publicly announce a hobby project which could easily fail but sometimes you just roll that 6 right!

I also like to create a schedule to use as a guide as to where I should be throughout the project. As I am looking to paint each miniature from start to finish, this provides checkpoints to gauge how you are doing overall. So I have assigned each miniature a start date when I expect to be able to start that miniature.

OTTblog_UKTC Paint Schedule

Now you may notice that Goblin #1 is not listed. Well I have actually had a bit of a head start on painting with a test model I completed a few months ago. Trying to come up with unique and interesting colour scheme is always a challenge and a test model is always a good idea to try out new ideas. I personally prefer bright and OTT (haha) colour schemes so I have gone for quite a bright orange against the grey.

UKTC_Test Goblin

I haven’t decided on a colour scheme for Morg, Skitter or the Troll yet. I will need to do some research online. Searching on Facebook or just Google Images is always a good place to start for some inspiration.


So, with 26 days to go I will be adding updates each day on the blog right up until the UKTC on 12th January, documenting the progress of team.

A a bit of public scrutiny might be useful to maintain the momentum and I might even learn a few things. Feel free to make comments and suggestions along the way. Any advice and feedback would be greatly appreciated. I am not an expert painter but the more creative side of the hobby is something really enjoy. Hopefully after the UKTC I will have something to look back on with pride and not horror!

I have already lost an hour or two writing this so I had better put the keyboard aside and get painting…

Painting Undergobos for the UKTC – Part 1

Painting Undergobos for the UKTC – Part 2

OTT Attempts: 0 (Would a Goblin thrown in frustration count?)

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